Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Days 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18...catching up!!!!

Wow, I am so far behind!!!!  Not because I haven't taken pictures, but because I have been pretty busy and haven't been keeping up with the blog.  This may be the best way for me to do this; after a few days or once a week.  Some days it's definitely easier than others to post.

Over the weekend, Jenn, Abby, and I took a girls' trip to Thomasville to visit Aunt Kris, Uncle Bill, and cousin Elin.  We had a fabulous time and I took tons of pictures.  I could have spent an entire week up there just snapping away.  So much beauty can be found within and around their home.  I can't wait to go back again!

An exciting piece of news before I start with my images....I made the favorites for week two of The 365 Project!!!!  If you scroll down on the page, you may recognize my picture from Day 10!!!!
Week Two: Favorites

Rustic Charm
My aunt has done an absolutely amazing job adding all of these unique touches to their home.  The pantry was out of a southern home magazine....

Abby was beyond thrilled to visit with our aunt's horses...she even got to take a ride and have a mini lesson!  Thanks Aunt Kris!!!!

More Beautiful Horses
My aunt and uncle have four gorgeous horses.  I have to say, they loved the camera!

Puppy Love
Daisy and Nails are super sweet doggies!!!  I'm glad I had some four-legged friends to keep me company while I was away from my pups...Daisy is a riot!!!!

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