Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8 - In need of a macro!!!!

I've decided I NEED a macro lens!!!!  Every day when I shoot, I want to get up close and personal with my subject...whatever it is...and I can't focus!!!!  Well, not me, but my camera.  So I'm now diving into research for a macro lens.  Nothing too crazy expensive, but something nice, and I want to be able to get super close. 

I've also realized that I need a better way to store and organize my images.  Currently my desktop is a hot mess; with folders like "The 365 Project: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc," "edits," "need to be edited," "blog," "inspiration"....and the list keeps going!!!!  I ordered a 64gb flash drive to back everything up, but with my OCD, I know I'll want a backup for my backup!!!!  I'm paranoid, especially after my first DSLR was stolen on the first day of our Honeymoon.

Enough of all that, on to the pictures.  We've been tearing down Christmas decorations all weekend and we still have some flowers that have made it through a couple weeks.  They're actually flowers from a dear friend of my grandma's 70th Anniversary celebration!  These flowers have been around since December 20th and still look pretty...I guess they were the perfect flower to use when decorating for a 70th Anniversary celebration!!!!  Sad, but true, I don't even know what type of flower they are, but I LOVE them!!!!  Maybe my girls from A to Zinnias could help me out with this one....

good night and sweet dreams!

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