Sunday, July 22, 2012

where it all began....

Someone asked me the other day, where my passion for photography came from....There's two parts to that answer...

First, I would have to say, I started becoming interested in capturing images the first time Troy and I went to Savannah.  There is so much historic charm there, and I am so overcome by feelings of warmth and comfort when we visit, that I wanted to bottle it up and bring it home with me!!!  The best way I knew how, was through snapping tons of pictures.  So, that's what I did.  I drug Troy all over Savannah with my simple little point and shoot camera, capturing as much of the sweet southern charm that I could.

The second part of that answer comes from planning our wedding.  As I began to plan our wedding, I started falling in love with these amazing images I saw.  The unique quality of work put into creating lasting memories through photos.  Our wedding photographer, Teresa Earnest of Memories N More is truly fantastic, her work is incredible and she is such a doll.  I began following her blog, and many other photography blogs; I just couldn't get enough of these breathtaking images.  I was hooked, and have been ever since!!!!

Savannah over the's fun to see the transition....

Birthday Weekend - 2007

This was our very first trip to Savannah.  I had been begging Troy to take me for a couple years, and we finally went.  We fell in love with the city instantly!!!

Thanksgiving - 2008 

Gotta love the date stamp on all of the images!!!  I didn't know how to turn it off on the camera!!!  :)

Christmas - 2009

You can tell this is when I started getting a little more in to the actual composition of the pictures.  We stayed at the Hyatt on River Street and I was inspired by the B&W pictures in the lobby there.  We wanted to "recreate" them for our home.  So, I once again, took Troy on a hunt through the town for all of the places!!!!  The top images have been recently re-edited, trust me, in 2009 they sure didn't look like this!!!  ;)


Wedding Planning - 2010

Our trips to Savannah in 2010 were mostly for wedding planning and not just relaxation, so there aren't many pictures to choose from where I was shooting for fun!!!

Spring Break, Wedding & Honeymoon - 2011

These are images from the last 2 trips we took to Savannah.  I think they are incredibly different from the pictures I took on our first couple trips.  I can't wait to go again so I can capture even more of the historic charm!!!

If anyone sees this, I hope you enjoyed the transition as much as I did!!!  Have a good evening!!!

Sweet Siblings part 2

Because little Cody wasn't too happy outside and he was getting super hot, Kari and I decided to get together again this week for some inside photos....I just adore these cuties and had a lot of fun with them this week!!!  Hopefully I'll get to capture them with my lens each year as they grow up.  They are just too adorable!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Siblings

For at least a month, Kari and I had been trying to meet up to get some sweet shots of these cuties.  The weather did NOT want to cooperate with us at weeks after we first chatted and a few rain delays later, we were finally able to get together in "Dodd Square" to capture these adorable photos.  I'm looking forward to getting together again very soon!!!