Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 - To Bokeh or Not To Bokeh???? :)

Oh boy, as I said to Troy, "day 2 was not as much fun as day 1!"  hehehehe

Let's just say I learned very quickly that I have no skills when it comes to techniques and photography....Bokeh, what the heck is Bokeh????  Well, I discovered today; it is not my friend.  

We were given an inspiration photo and directions...that I followed to the best of my amateur ability, and, well, you'll see the results.

So, this is the inspiration pic from The 365 Project.  Pretty right?

And here is my failed attempt number 1!

Seeing the circles of Bokeh, but is this what it's supposed to look like?  Doesn't seem quite right.

hmm, over exposed!!!!!

Troy, get in front of the tree and let me see if I can get you in focus, and keep the bokeh in the background.... FAIL!!!!

Getting closer...but this was, like, shot 105!

oooo, pretty!

What is the purpose of this again?

Still wondering if I can get something in focus in front of the tree....

more bokeh!  It looks like the inspiration pic right?

TaDa!!!!  (is that how you spell it?)  Well, this looks neat!

Not super in focus, but working on it.

Pretty Pretty!!!!

Baby bokeh!!!!  

Well, my final thoughts of the day's shoot, hmm....I'm no good with technique!  I have a lot of work to do and I'm going to keep chugging along.  

My next challenge for myself...............sun flare!!! 
 Hopefully we'll have some sun tomorrow and I can get out of school at a decent hour.

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  1. it takes SO much practice to get something right, doesn't it? I still have things I completely suck at and work on over and over. Just keep trying something different each time you click the shutter and you will find what made it "work". I'm so excited for you.