Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5 - Add some flare to your day....

I had tons of fun with my shoot today.  My niece, Abby, and her best friend Bella (who happens to be one of my 3rd graders!) stayed with me for a little while after school.  There is an awesome tree near our cafeteria, so I thought I'd take advantage of having these two cuties and sunlight too!!!!  Let's just say, these divas enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

and...the sun flare makes its second appearance.  Attempt number 2!!!  Still a work in progress...there were about 8 images that turned out completely WHITE!!!!

 I LOVE that Abby flashed a huge smile right away.  
She just got braces yesterday and she had no problem showing them off!!!

 Goofy girls!
 hmm...need I say more.

 what the heck Abby?

 I didn't even ask them to get in the tree....I turned away to change my lens, and when I turned around, this was the first thing I careful girls!!!


 One day I'm gonna get this right.


 what in the world?

 My poor Bella was uncomfortable, but you'd never know it.

 Love this one!



 A little better....I think.

Now, it's time to enjoy some time with my new hubby and head to bed.  Have a good night!  :)

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