Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 - Sun Flare....Attempt Number 1

So I gave myself a challenge...to capture sun flare.  My lovely wedding photographer Teresa gave me some tips, and I did TONS of research online.  I ran home today from school with 2 of my favorite subjects, Adam and Abby, so I could catch the sun before it went down.  ;) 

My backyard would have been ideal, but the sun was already too low.  So, I had to settle for the front of the house.  Not the best location, cars and power lines from every angle!   I got some sun flare, a little too much!  Oh well, I'll keep this challenge going...after all, this is The 365 Project right?  This is only day 3.  Sun flare will make its appearance again soon I'm sure of it!

Not the best, but a work in progress.  Enjoy!

My Bubby was not cooperative today...can you tell?  
One day I'd like to get some "real" pictures of him; or is this real? 
What a mess!!!

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  1. I think these are GREAT!!! seriously. I can't wait to see days 4 -365!